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Tell Your Story With Your Images

Create a personal history in a documentary movie or limited edition book with your images and your words.  We scan and digitize your photographs and historical documents, take pictures of your mementos, and record your reminiscences. From these, we create entertaining DVDs, limited edition books, or a searchable database of your history. And we can repurpose or display your mementos, treasures, and keepsakes. Share your life with the generations!

Grandma, Grandpa and NewBorn

Celebrate and Honor, Entertain and Inform

Honor your life or someone else’s in a way that others can understand and enjoy. Tell a particular story, such as how the business grew, how you remodeled the family house over the years, or how you made the family quilt or racecar.  Celebrate someone on a life event, such as graduation, marriage, anniversary, retirement, or death.  Insure that the photos and the stories behind them are made entertaining and available for the foreseeable future.  Preserve the stories that need preserving.  A family heritage is a treasure, but a stack of old photos of the unknown and unremembered is trash.  Every child, grandchild and friend can have a copy, no matter who gets the original.  And we photograph other memorabilia, such as the old family lamp or grandmother’s ring.  We help you manage and archive the originals.

PhotoBio creates personal histories from your scanned images and recorded personal reminiscences, producing interesting informative documentary movies to share with your friends and family. We fashion heirloom quilts, pillows, and banners from your everyday treasures, and craft artistic displays of your memorabilia.